The Centre for Citizen Experience offers consulting services to public sector clients help transform their service experiences. This transformation is grounded in three areas: Insight, Policy, and Service Design and Architecture. As well as consulting on a project and retainer basis, the Centre also works to build internal capability through workshops and training.

Our consulting practice includes:


    • Citizen research and insights
    • Facilitation and codesign
    • Service design and prototyping
    • Touchpoint mapping and cross-channel research
    • Service visualization, prototyping, journey mapping, and blueprinting
    • Service evaluation, benchmarking and metrics
    • Service Futures – prototyping and foresight about possible future delivery.
    • Organizational Change
    • Policy design facilitation
    • Governance Models and Workshops
    • Evaluation and coaching for establishing design capability and teams

If you’re interested, we’d love to talk. If we can’t help you out right away, chances are we know someone who can.